We are an ambitious global investment holding company, striving for a sustainable and innovation-led future.

Why We Exist

Our purpose is to predict global macroeconomic and geopolitical trends.

By seeking to predict we are able to better inform our investment decisions and create positive economic impact and long-term value for our stakeholders, the entrepreneurs and companies we invest in and the communities in which we work.


What hope offers is the belief, simply, that different futures are possible.

– Henry Giroux

Who We Are

Summerfield Aldridge is a Hong Kong based holding company with over 20 portfolio companies and investments currently operating across 4 continents.

Our diverse, global business platform encompassing partnerships, portfolio companies and investments in real estate, private equity and venture capital.

We invest by following a patient and disciplined approach by partnering with exceptionally talented people. By combining our research and insight into global macroeconomic and geopolitical trends and our active boardroom management approach, we create real value to achieve our vision.


Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

What We Do

Summerfield Aldridge is built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We invest in people first, not companies.

Based on detailed research and insight we are better informed to make solid investment decisions that deliver consistent compounded returns.

Our disciplined due diligence process measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. By partnering with exceptionally talented people we achieve transformational results in an atmosphere that rewards initiative, independent thinking and integrity.

Each partnership we invest in gains access to our strategic insight, intellectual flexibility and ferocious curiosity and matches our values of balance, alignment and impact, whilst achieving significant cultural, commercial and social outcomes.


Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

– Warren Buffet

How We Do It

At Summerfield Aldridge our investment philosophy is committed to the following 3 principles:

Partnerships not Investments

It is our belief that the real value of any partnership stems from the full alignment and commitment of its stakeholders, management teams and its wider workforce. People thrive when they are working toward a common and aligned goal. We are proud of our transparent, forward-thinking and impactful relationships we hold with our portfolio companies, which see our partners investing alongside us. It is this aligned vision, shared focus and significant skin in the game that allows us to build true, successful partnerships.

A Patient Approach

We are patient investors who like to listen, avoid battles of egos and practice the art of the long view for our compounded impact. We are more interested in learning than in displaying. We diversify broadly, rebalance periodically and place faith in evidence to help us achieve our long-term goals.

Active Boardroom Management

Our aim is to support our partners in our core areas of expertise, including but not restricted to finance, strategy and structure.

Our approach to investing is a commitment to adding value. If we can’t add value we don’t invest. Our value addition to our portfolio companies is focused on our core capabilities:

  • Finance

    We focus on the two most critical levers for shareholder value — cost efficiency and capital efficiency.
    We help our partners shape a long-term strategic plan, identifying the right balance of growth and return whilst ensuring adequate access to liquidity, efficiently deployed capital and effective management of financial risks.

  • Strategy

    Every portfolio company, no matter how large or small, must start with a clear strategy and defined path to exit. Organisations must have a winning strategy to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to renew as the environment shifts. The strength of any strategy lies in its simplicity. Complexity paralyses. Working closely with our partners, we help our portfolio companies create their future through the strategies they pursue.

  • Structure

    As digital transforms the business landscape, the successful companies of the future will likely be those that can move faster, adapt more quickly and learn more rapidly.
    Together with our partners, we work to deliver the corporate and operational structure that best fits the needs of our portfolio companies and best prepares them for the future.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

– Prof. Michael Porter


Lack of candour leads to dysfunctional environments

A hallmark of our culture is that our partners feel free to share ideas, opinions and criticisms. We believe collaboration and alignment, drawing on the collective knowledge and unvarnished opinions of the group, are critical to fostering a working environment that compounds impact.

In challenging situations, we jointly identify potential problems and develop constructive solutions together with our partners, rather than finger-point and expose short-comings. We don’t look to find fault, we find a solution.

Our established candid culture empowers our partners to never stop challenging the status quo — and each other — in order to create aligned and balanced impact.


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

– Henry Ford

Portfolio Partners

Below are Summerfield Aldridge’s key operating partnerships at the helm of managing and developing investments and companies across multiple industries worldwide:

FSI Global is a wholly owned UAE based company of Summerfield Aldridge. Its main objective is to make venture capital investments in start-ups and early-stage businesses worldwide.
Goldguard Investments is a wholly owned Hong Kong based company of Summerfield Aldridge. Its main objective is to make private equity investments in funds worldwide.
Alcott & Argyle Real Estate is a wholly owned Hong Kong based company of Summerfield Aldridge. Its main objective is to invest in real estate funds and trade real estate assets.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

Our Location

Hong Kong is strategically located at the heart of Asia. It is the financial hub and gateway to doing business worldwide.

Summerfield Aldridge is located in Hong Kong, the home of a dynamic economy driven by the principles of free trade and free markets. We take inspiration from our location and it’s rich business heritage.

China is already challenging the US as a hub for global technological innovation, particularly in areas such as big data and renewable energy. As these changes come to pass, they will undoubtedly influence macroeconomic and geopolitical trends.


Capital isn’t scarce; vision is

– Sam Walton

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